A New School for Charlie – Courtney Dicmus

You would think that going to a new school would be scary, or sad, or both, but not for Charlie. He is beyond excited for the first day at his new school. Making new friends is one of his favorite things to do! So, imagine his surprise when he walked into Mr. Calico’s classroom to find a room filled with CATS. Cats who want nothing to do with their loud, nosy, and altogether strange new classmate.

How can I make any friends when I feel so different…?

Charlie wondered late that night. How was he supposed to make friends with classmates who were the exact opposite of his other friends? Luckily, the next day, Charlie is invited to sit with one of his classmates, a little kitty who decided she would be his first friend, and the rest is history!

These days, Charlie has lots of friends at school, but he still remembers how it felt to be lonely.

What a great way to teach your readers that they can be someone’s first friend? – They can make a place completely un-scarry and even make it fun!

Questions to ask your kiddos:
*** Do you have friends at school? How did you make them?
***Could you be like Charlie and try to meet one new friend every day?