All the Colors of Magic – Valija Zinck

Life is rough for Penelope. Her hair’s been gray for ages, her mum works far too much, and her luck is completely and perpetually bad. Even so, Penelope wouldn’t trade her simple (and a little clumsy) life for anything – she has absolutely everything she needs.

UNTIL Penelope learns her father is a powerful wizard, as his daughter, she can also do magic, and her father ran away when she was young. Upon learning this, she decides she must find her father and comes up with a plan to get to him. But what if there’s more to her father’s story than her mother let on? What is Penelope running into?

Penelope’s story is seeping with whimsical spells, fierce determination, and conjures delight from every single reader who is lucky enough to pick it up. 

I loved that I could tell that the story was translated from French.
At times, sentences danced off the page and into my imagination. Zinck is a master storyteller and Penelope’s dazzling personality will have you wishing you could jump into the book and become her best friend.

Overall, All the Colors of Magic is a light, fun, and magical read that is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast and Tangled.

Questions to ask your kiddos:
***Were you surprised by how quickly Penelope forgave her mother for keeping her father’s powers a secret for all these years? Why/why not?
***Why do you think Penelope didn’t tell her friends about her powers?
***This story has such a happy ending, and we LOVE that, but what if it didn’t? What would the end of this book look like if Penelope’s plan went exactly as she’d expected? If her father really had left his family all those years ago?