Be You! – Peter H. Reynolds

On-par with “All the Places You’ll Go,” this is a beautiful and encouraging book that’s great for little ones as well as graduates!

My wish for you – no matter where your journey leads – is for you to always be you!

 “Be — persistent, silly, quirky… “ This book is a dreamy depiction of all the wonders that are possible in this world. Want to give your kiddos a healthy sense of “Wanderlust?” Read this book. Want to encourage them to chase every dream? Read this book! There is nothing like reminding someone of the absolutely true fact that the world is filled with people of all shapes, sizes, and talent, but there is no one else that can fill the them-shaped hole in the universe. Everything that makes them unique is what makes them wonderful.

The world needs them. Plain and simple.

Questions to ask your kiddos:
*** What do YOU want to be?
***Where do you want to GO?