First Day Critter Jitters — Jory John & Liz Climo

“Am I nervous about the first day of school? I mean… sure. After all, have you ever seen how slowly sloths walk? Like…I probably should have left yesterday.”

What happens when the NYT Bestselling author of “All My Friends Are Dead” and the award-winning illustrator of “Please Don’t Eat Me” team up? I’ll tell you what:

MAGIC. Magic happens.

“First Day Critter Jitters” is relatable, it’s funny, and, from what I remember about my first days of elementary school, college, and my first job, it’s absolutely accurate. 

This book is unbelievably sweet. It validates the fears we’ve all had on the first day of something big.

Questions to ask your kiddos:
***Why do you think these critters were afraid?
***Was there something changing? Why do you think change is scary sometimes?
***Did you know that even grown-ups get the “first day jitters?”