From Lost to Found – Nicole Zasowski

Giving up what you think you want for what will set you free…
When I picked up this book (or rather, my Kindle, which contained a digital copy of this book), I thought I was going to read about how Nicole Zasowski came to know God, and I was fine with that.

I thought I’d learn a little about the Beatitudes or the story behind a few psalms and maybe even pick up a new verse I could memorize when I felt anxious or nervous. In my experience with Christian books, I’d found they were usually written by women who seemed…perfect. Sure, they wrote about how sin had plagued their hearts and made them lash out, but in the end, they usually focused so much on their progress that I felt like I wasn’t making any. No matter how sincere the authors were, books like these seemed to follow the same pattern:

Broken person + hard thing = coming to Jesus and now things are great.

Nicole does not follow this pattern. While she certainly praises God for the victories she’s seen in her life, she doesn’t pretend for a moment that trials will not continue to find her (or us). Rather, she repeatedly points us to the promises of God’s Word that will equip us when these trials arrive.

I did not expect Nicole, a stranger, to share her deepest pain with me, another stranger, then tell me that actually, even though she has a good job and she just published an awesome book, things are still really hard.

I did not expect her to tell me with bold confidence that the same God who found her has already found me too, and because of that, I could stop trying to act like I was ever going to earn my way to God’s love.

Honestly? I did not expect Nicole to tell me any of the real-life-messy-unfiltered-sometimes-things-really-stink truth.

And then she did.

Reading this book is like sitting down with that friend you know you can tell anything to – Nicole both comforts and affirms her readers’ pain and challenges them to dig deeper to find the thing that is truly haunting them. She points us to Jesus and His eternal kingdom while never once discrediting our earthly pain.

I pray Nicole’s words will give you the strength to seek the One who found you before the dawn of the Earth – the Creator who loves you more than you know.

Content Warnings:
Loss of Pregnancy / Infertility – Nicole is honest about her battle against infertility and the multiple miscarriages she and her husband, Jimmy, went through, but she is also sensitive to her readers – it’s clear that the pages she wrote about that time of her life were created out of love and understanding; however, if this is something you are currently experiencing, it may be difficult to read.