Keeper of the Lost Cities – Shannon Messenger

In 24 hours, Sophie Foster’s life turned upside-down. Her parents aren’t really her parents. The massive headaches she’s had since she was a kid are actually telepathic powers, and she’s not a human. She’s an elf. Don’t let the bedtime stories fool you, though. Elves are not little creatures baking cookies in tress – they’re the ruling figures in a world where sickness and death are almost unheard of and magic is more like science than, well, science.

But Sophie isn’t great at being an elf…middle school was hard as a human with no friends, but it’s even worse at a supernatural school where PE involves throwing glowing balls with your mind, and alchemy throws every rule of science she thought she knew out the window. There’s also the fact that someone has planted memories in Sophie’s mind. Memories with information people would kill for.

Questions to ask your kiddos:
***Is it okay to keep secrets when knowing the truth could hurt someone?
***Do we get to decide what’s “right” for someone else? Why/why not?
***Why do you think the Elves care so little for humans? Is it their immortality, or something else…”