Little Mole's Wish

By Sang-Keun Kim

I just moved here. I don’t have any friends. — The snowball listened quietly.

Caution: You are guaranteed to say, “Awwww!” by page 5 of Sang-Keun Kim’s story. Little Mole is new to his town and isn’t sure where to look for friends. When Mole makes his first friend, a quiet and round little snowball, he’s so excited, but no one else seems to think anyone could ever be friends with a snowball. To change their minds, Mole turns the snowball into a giant bear snowman and the two embark on a journey around their little town. This is a fantastic book on friendship, compassion, and courage!

Questions to ask your kiddos:
Why do you think Little Mole was sad at the beginning of the story? How do you think he felt when the other animals said his snowball couldn’t be a friend? How could you help a new student at your school feel welcome?