Madame Badobedah: Words by Sophie Dahl, Illustrations by Lauren O’Hara

I don’t care, because I’m an ADVENTURER, and adventurers are often shoeless.

Mabel is not afraid of a little sleuthing. In fact, she thrives on mystery!
As the daughter of the owners of a place called the Mermaid Hotel, Mabel has done her fair share of investigative work in her little town. But everything changed the day an old lady arrived at the Mermaid.

Madame Badobedah is a little…different.
As readers learn the strange habits of Madame B, they also learn the value of having friends who are different than them. Madame B teaches kiddos that being strange isn’t a bad thing – it’s what makes us special!

Questions to ask your kiddos:
***What makes you different from your friends? From your siblings?
***How can we celebrate our differences?