Written by Thomas Taylor / Illustrated by Tom Booth

Welcome to Eerie-on-Sea! In this fast-paced, two kids find themselves on the tail of a serious sea monster! When Violet Parma crashes through Herbert Lemon’s window in the Grand Nautilus Hotel she asks him to help her find her lost parents. As Herbert and Violet get closer to uncovering the mystery of her parents’ disappearance, they discover the Parmas may have been hunting the same monster…just before they vanished.

Questions to ask your kiddos:
***What do you think happened to Herbert Lemon’s parents? What about Violet’s parents?
***Do you think growing up with no parents changes the way you think about/act toward other people? How do you think it changed Herbert and Violet?
***If YOU found the Malamander’s egg and could have any wish in the whole world, what would you wish for and why?