March 2020

All opinions used to describe the books’ themes and content are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise specified. Find a copy of these books at your local bookstore, or mine, Mystery to Me in Madison, WI!

Coo – Kaela Noel

Hearts will be warmed within seconds of starting this whimsical, heartfelt book. Coo is not like other girls. She was raised by pigeons, lives on a roof, and has never spoken to another human before. That is, until the day she has to…and her world changes forever.

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Show Me a Sign – Ann Clare LeZotte

This story has been needed for so long. It’s rare to find a book that normalizes and empowers a cast made almost entirely from the Deaf Community, let alone for that book to be written by an author with personal experience in that community. I gobbled this story right up and was instantly curious about the island upon which this story was based.

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The Authenticity Project – Clare Pooley

This is the absolutely grueling tale of a girl lost in the Smoky Mountains. I can’t stress how important Ashley’s journey is for teen readers. The way Ashley confronts her mistakes, her past, and her future is inspiring.

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