My Life as Lotta: A House Full of Rabbits

Written by Alice Pantermüller / Illustrated by Daniela Kohl

5th-grader, Lotta Petermann, just wants a pet. Any pet, really. Her best friend Cheyenne has like, a million bunnies at her apartment (okay, she actually has 200 bunnies, but still) and her tWin brothers (who are the Worst) get to have their dumb turtle (over whom Lotta has now tripped about 95 times, thank you). She also plays the recorder and has a super crabby teacher.

Let the shenanigans begin! Join Lotta as she tries just about everything to get herself the perfect pet while also keeping up with her crazy family and not looking totally lame in front of the cool new girl, Bernadette and her stuck-up brother, Kevin.

BONUS: It’s an international bestseller!

If you liked The Dork Diaries, Ramona and Beezus, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid,

Content Warnings/Discussions to have with kiddos: There are a few descriptions of stealing and breaking rules because a parent isn’t around (namely, Cheyenne’s mom), which could lead to a discussion about why we follow rules in the first place. Is it because a parent is telling us to, or because it’s the “right thing” to do?