Pippa Park Raises Her Game – Erin Yun

Pippa Park Raises Her Game is a modern retelling of Great Expectations – a story about friendship and self-discovery.

THIS is the year Pippa Park is finally going to be popular – new school, new Pippa.
At Lakeview Private , no one knows about her family’s laundromat or the way her parents look every time Pippa asks for something they know they can’t afford. No one knows about the dorky, totally NOT cool things Pippa’s done in her life. All they know is she is REALLY good at basketball, and that’s the way Pippa likes it.

Pippa is overwhelmed by the expectations of her friends and family.
Erin Yun beautifully describes the pressure that comes with being a middle-schooler in 2020, and rather than diminish that pressure, she validates it. This is such an important story for that reason. Too often the qualms of middle-schoolers are put into a box of petty drama and exaggeration that will pass with time. They’ll get over it, we say, and we never truly acknowledge how jarring it is for a 12-year old girl to have every part of her identity poked and prodded by classmates from whom she so desperately desires acceptance. Pippa will make you laugh, and she’ll make you cry, but most importantly, she will make you realize just how tough kids have to be in our world.

What are young readers saying about this book?

THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK! One of the best books I’ve read…It’s funny, dramatic, relatable, and everything good. 5/5 Stars.”

If you enjoyed From the Desk of Zoe Washington, More to the Story, and Front Desk, you will love this!

Content Warnings:
Cyberbullying: Pippa is bullied by a few of her classmates through social media/texts. This is a great conversation starter about cyberbullying with your kiddos.

Recommended Age: 9+

Questions to consider
***Why do you think Pippa was so embarrassed by her parents’ careers? What’s the big deal about them running a laundromat?
***Why do you think Pippa waited so long to speak up about the bullying she went through? Would you have said something earlier? Who would you tell?