Spotlight Reads

As a reader, I LOVE talking about what I’m reading at any given moment. Each month, this page will feature a few titles that I just want the world to know about. Enjoy!

All opinions used to describe the books’ themes and content are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise specified. 

November, 2019

Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao – Written by
Kat Zhang / Illustrated by Charlene Chua

Zhang’s story teaches readers that there is more than one way to be successful! Amy is a fun-loving and determined little girl. Chua’s illustrations are phenomenal.

Amy Wu and her family even share their family recipe with you at the end so you can MAKE YOUR OWN BAO!

How to be a Supervillain – Michael Fry

His parents might be supervillains, but Victor Spoil just can’t seem to be bad. I love that this series uses illustrations to help readers visualize

This is an especially helpful series for parents trying to help their kiddos transition from books that are primarily made up of pictures to those *scary* chapter books.

And they’re hilarious!

The Dutch House – Written by Ann Patchett

Currently listening on LIBRO.FM This book is making me wish I had more errands to run. Listening to the audiobook narrated by Tom Hanks (yeah, that, Tom Hanks) in the car has been such a joy!

Ann Pratchett tells the story of a seemingly normal family over the span of fifty years. Reading this book is soothing, exciting, and even a little heartbreaking.

I highly recommend this for cozy Saturdays by the fireplace 🙂