The Dutch House – Ann Patchett

Listen on LIBRO.FM This book is making me wish I had more errands to run. Listening to the audiobook narrated by Tom Hanks (yeah, that, Tom Hanks) in the car has been such a joy!

Ann Pratchett tells the story of a seemingly normal family over the span of fifty years. Reading this book is soothing, exciting, and even a little heartbreaking. With the comforting tone of a classic, like Pride and Prejudice, or The Beautiful and the Damned, Pratchett hooks readers with her seamless storytelling and relentless honesty about the “American Dream” and the victims left in its wake.

BUT, Pratchett does not leave her readers without hope. While the Conroy family endures loss after loss, Maeve and Danny are a wonderful testament to the strength and loyalty of the ties that bind siblings together.I highly recommend this for cozy Saturdays by the fireplace 🙂

Content Warnings: Many of Maeve and Danny’s trials are tied to their mother abandoning them at a young age. There are a a few occurrences of strong language — If you have advanced teen readers (16+) this could be a great opportunity to read and discuss together!