We Hunt the Flame – Hafsah Faizal

They called her the Hunter, and he was the Prince of Death. Zafira and Nasir are legends in the kingdom of Arawiya, but their fame will not help them now…

Zafira lives in fear of being exposed as a woman. Men control everything in Arawiya, so when Zafira’s village was starving, she disguised herself as a man and became “The Hunter,” venturing into the Arz — the dark shadowlands from which no one has ever returned with their minds intact — to find food for her people. Despite the kingdom knowing “The Hunter” has saved hundreds of lives and is the only known person to survive the Arz, if Zafira’s hood were to fall, and her identify known, her head would fall next. When the Sultan demands “The Hunter” embark on a dangerous mission for the kingdom, she cannot refuse.

Nasir is the Sultan’s son…and assassin. The Sultan used to be a good man, but it’s been years since Nasir learned he could not trust his father, the man who would do anything to keep his throne. When Nasir learns that the Sultan has sent “The Hunter” to a forgotten island to retrieve a magical artifact, he knows this is his chance to fight back against his father and protect the people he cares about.

But the island is no place for secrets, and the two parties quickly find themselves working as allies against the darkness that lives and breathes in the ground beneath them. Nasir and Zafira have never been able to rely on anyone but themselves, and they certainly know they shouldn’t trust each other. What they are certain of is this: If one of them does not bring the Sultan what he asked for, they will not live long enough to ask for mercy.

Something is happening in Arawiya. As Nasir and Zafira learn about the history of their kingdom and what the Sultan wants to do with the mysterious artifact, they must choose between protecting each other and protecting themselves.

BONUS! The author made this pronunciation guide for readers who want to be extra awesome 🙂

If you enjoyed The Grace Year, The Six of Crows, or The Mortal Instruments (series) read this book!

Content Warnings:
Violence: With Nasir bound to his father’s will as an assassin, there are several deaths described. There are also battles between the creatures of the island and the main characters that leave many of them injured.

Sexual content: Overall, the romance in the story is an afterthought. There is one romantic scene between two characters and a few references made to the brothel in the kingdom.

Recommended Age: 14+ due to violence, swearing, and sexual references. This is a ANOTHER great book to get readers to connect with a female protagonist who is not dependent on the male lead.

Questions you might ask your kiddos:
***Should Nasir be forgiven for the people he killed / the deaths his father ordered?
***What is it about power that makes leaders dangerous? Have you seen this play out in our country?